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XING start networking events in Paris

Publié par Twostein sur 28 Mars 2009, 09:56am

Catégories : #NETWORK

XING Creation Group in Paris:
the appointment of an Ambassador and start networking events

XING chooses a diplomat for each major European city, Ambassador of the city or region in the world with a well-defined constituency. These Ambassadors régulirement organizing local events to promote the use of social networks as a business tool, exchange and exploration and allowing members to know each other better on a personal level.
Given the attractiveness of France for the networking, XING group has chosen to entrust the mission of Ambassador Paris to Louis-Serge DEL REAL SARTE peak of his ability to unite around him the business and its strong network in all economic sectors. Since 2001, he was European Director at Global Equities. It will be supported to do so by Valérie HERPÉTIQUE, HEC certified coach who runs the firm Ascensia Coaching and Yann MAUCHAMP, founder of Mutual Benefits, Partner, Circle of private investors and moderator of the group XING France.

The first event will take place on Thursday 30 April at the Meridien Etoile. This magical place offers a host and his warm restaurant with its menu Orenoc 100% prepared by five local chefs and the company will be offered for those who wish to continue after 22:00 and listen to the Jazz Concert of Magic Slim & The Teardrops.
To participate simply register online directly on the site XING:


XING, the leading European online networks claiming more than seven million users. The site also offers interested companies the possibility of creating an internal network in their group, a gated community with its own access roads, design and an interface dedicated as did the groups IBM, McKinsey and Accenture.

Present in over 190 countries, it can be used in many languages such as French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish , Japanese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Hungarian Coren.
Among other features, the website XING offers access to profiles of members, participation in groups, and discussion forums. It is also a valuable tool for coordinating each of the organization of events.

The basic listing is free. However, the Premium subscription gives access to many essential functions, such as looking for people with specific characteristics or ability to connect many of the targets set out.

For questions, please contact:

Louis-Serge Real del Sarte
phone: 06 09 82 10 42
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