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Business Angel Investing Awareness Seminar

Publié par Real del Sarte Louis-Serge sur 7 Juin 2007, 02:56am

Catégories : #NETWORK

Business Angel Investing Awareness Seminar

Find out who Business Angels are, why they invest time and/or money in start-ups and how to get started - includes an overview of the European Angel investing sector. Meet with start-up(s) and listen to proposals
Start Date: 14/06/2007 8h30
Duration: 2 hrs
City,Country,Venue: Paris, France.  Les Papillades, 79 rue Jouffroy d'Abbans, 75017 Paris (Metro Wagram)
Language: French
Level: Entry
Fee: €25 (breakfast included)
Who Should Attend?
  • Individuals looking to support young companies of the future:
    • Active professionals who have an 'entrepreneurial spirit'; and/or
    • Retired or 'in transition' individuals who are wanting to remain active
  • Representatives of professional groups or corporations, whose members or employees will benefit from interaction with young businesses
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to raise money from investors
What will be covered?
  • Discover what being a Business Angel is all about – the benefits & risks
  • Decide whether to become a BA and how to get started
  • Role-play and opportunity to meet young businesses looking for investment
  • Obtain insight and an overview of the European Angel investing sector
  • Go Beyond’s continuing support
How the event is delivered?
  • An active BA will share their knowledge and experience with you
  • Find out about types of investors and investor practises in Europe supported with both statistics and research findings
  • Young business (es) looking for early stage financing will present their proposals. Attendees will have the opportunity to provide feedback and observations
  • Griup discussion, Q&A, networking opportunities will feature throughout the event
  • For more information contact


    Please contact us immediately if you have registered for this event and are unable attend.


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