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Publié par Real del Sarte Louis-Serge sur 20 Juin 2007, 07:03am

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19 June 2007
Reconciling the Reform Agenda and the Security Agenda

Bassma Kodmani
ARI's Executive Director

While Palestine is bleeding and the Iraq haemorrhage goes on, national agendas for domestic reforms are being pursued everywhere in the Arab world as priorities around which elites, think tanks, social movements and political forces mobilize and devise strategies. So far however, few have articulated intellectually and operationally, the link between the reform agenda and the security concerns. Islamist movements have been theorizing over this linkage: while achievements at each national level will lead, according to their rationale, to an improvement of the overall posture of the Islamic nation in face of its enemies, resistance to occupation remains the key legitimizing factor for organizing and mobilizing society. History shows that ideologies progressed most decisively with military victories. Communist parties became key players in Western Europe not only because of the appeal of Marxist ideas but thanks to the progression of the Red Army across Eastern Europe in the 40s. Hezbollah's performance in the war against Israel in summer 2006 brought it respect and popularity as a movement combining social, political and military action. Non Islamist political forces have yet to formulate their vision of this link in terms other than a conflict of priorities. History and inspiration from other regions can help nationalists, liberals, leftist and other non- ideological forces to do so. Re-defining the concept of security and analyzing the role of outside factors in internal developments are at the heart of the debate on democratic reform.

This month, read Oussama Ghazali Harb on the Role of the West in Internal Political Developments (also available in Arabic)


ARI's second Annual Conference - Amman, April 18-19, 2007- Setbacks in Democratic Reforms and How to Revive the Momentum

10 May 2007

The two-day conference will be organized in two parts. The first day will be devoted to a discussion of the issues as they have unfolded in the region over the last year since spring 2006. The (...)

ARI's roundtable at the Seventh Doha Forum on Democracy, Development and Free Trade

9 May 2007

At the Seventh Doha Forum on Democracy, Development and Free Trade, held in Qatar on 24-25 April 2007the Arab Reform Initiative ran a round-table discussion on the impact of external intervention (...)

Independent Gulf media watchdog soon

15 June 2007

Pushing for more press freedom in the Gulf countries, participants of a conference on mass communications law here recently said they would establish a watchdog to monitor violence against (...)

France, Saudi Arabia, Iran mediate Lebanese logjam

8 June 2007

France has joined diplomatic efforts by Iran and Saudi Arabia to help Lebanon's rival political camps form a national unity government to avoid a political vacuum in the months leading up (...)

Saudi religious police to hold review after deaths

7 June 2007

Saudi Arabia's religious police said yesterday they would review procedures after coming under attack from human right activists and local media over the deaths of two detainees in under a (...)

The Appeals' Court accepted a case to eliminate Abou Al-Fotouh 10 year jail sentence

7 June 2007

The Appeals' Court accepted the law suit asking for eliminating the sentences on Hossam Abou Al-Fotouh, one of the most famous Egyptian businessmen and ex-owner of BMW car dealership

Full (...)

Qatar to create 'democracy centre' for Arab world

30 May 2007

Qatar, an absolute monarchy, said on Tuesday it was establishing a democracy centre for the Arab world, a region the United Nations says lacks basic human freedoms.

Full (...)


Ballot Boxes? Yes. Actual Democracy? Tough Question.

Mickael Slackman,

7 June 2007

CAIRO, June 6 — This is election season in the Middle East. Syria just held presidential and parliamentary elections. Algeria held parliamentary elections. Egyptians will be asked to vote (...)

Europe and the Arab world: divided souls

Pierre Schori ,

23 May 2007

An intransigent western policy towards radicals in the Arab world, typified by the boycott and isolation of Hamas-led Palestine, is of benefit only to extremists. Europe must follow a better way, (...)

Egypt Is Experiencing the Biggest Strike Wave in 50 Years

Harry Kelber ,

12 May 2007

The longest and strongest wave of worker protest since the end of World War II is rolling through Egypt. In March, the liberal daily al-Masri Al-Yawm estimated that no fewer than 222 sit-in (...)
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Visit our website in Arabic, read Analyses and News about the Arab world and informations about ongoing Events:

Democracy with a Parachute, by Khayri Mansour

What Remains of Egypt's Symbols?, by Amr Shubaki

Article 49 of the Lebanese Constitution, by Bahij Tabbara

General Secretary of the Justice and Development Party's: Our party is Open to all Moroccans Including Jews

Iraqi Journalists' Assassinations: the Tragedy of a Nation, not of a Profession, by Salah Nasrawi

The Moroccan Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches en Sciences Sociales is organizing a Summer University

The Arab Reform Initiative is a consortium of fifteen key policy research centers from the Arab world with partners from Europe and the United States, working to mobilize the Arab research capacity to advance knowledge and promote a home grown program for democratic reform.
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