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BING copy the giant google

Publié par Twostein sur 4 Mars 2011, 07:04am

Catégories : #NETWORK



BING copy the giant google



It is good to be a tiny challenger's biggest and promising market of the Internet. We may grant a scrupulous care to respect the privacy of Internet users, be the champion of copyright and that of the press to "monetize" its fair value exposure through search engines, making brief Anti-Google without taking any risks and say loudly than Bing, "we're not in a logic of predation. Bing? For those who do not know is the name of the search engine's software leader Microsoft, which officially launched yesterday his tricolor version along with some prestigious partners - the National Library of France (BNF), the new digital kiosk French press e-release premium.


Available in beta since eighteen months on the Web Allen, Tom Thumb Bing is so far minipart a market of 3.4% in France against almost 95% for Google and the ogre, in the words of Nicolas Petit The marketing director at Microsoft France's Internet activities, "it is not expected to rise to 25% in a few months. It was launched into a marathon, not a sprint. And if Bing is just a "one click away" from Google, the search habits are ingrained and will not move overnight. Sage. If that dwarf the application does not set any target, the American is still synonymous with hope by 8.4% in mid-2009, the market share of Bing is gone to 12.1% in January Last, and actually represents about a third of the market overseas if one includes petitions from Yahoo, which has abandoned its search tool and passed that of Microsoft. A rise that, according to Microsoft says the "annoyed" Google vis-à-vis Bing, accused of copying and pasting its search results.


To repeat part of his huge delay, Microsoft development, its French boss Eric dixit Boustouller on "research experience easier and more visual." Much more than Google, Bing multiplies inlay useful info in the results page (the weather if you type in Paris, the stock price if you type one of an organization, etc..) And incorporates research data from social networks.




Where Google focuses on putting forward its own services (Google News etc..) Bing numerous partnerships: with Allociné for film or Yellow Pages for local content. A novel strategy that drives up ad revenue sharing as part of an agreement with the platform of the French press - Le Figaro, Le Monde, Liberation, etc. - to put forward its contents. "Unlike Google, Microsoft really shows in open discussions, explained a press frame in the room, it allows testing of new models. "


Another partnership with the obvious symbolic significance, he signed with the BNF for prioritizing its funds scanned Gallica. Unlike the agreement signed by the library of Lyon with Google, the agreement between the BNF and Bing is "not exclusive", insists it at Microsoft. Way of saying that with Bing everyone remains free to go elsewhere to be indexed ... Without saying so openly, Microsoft has finally with the European Commission - which has opened an investigation into Google - to reduce the share of its competitor to a more "reasonable." "The control of information via search engines is a problem far more serious than that of operating systems for computers, a Microsoft executive suggested at the end of the conference. It is time that policies seize it. Yesterday, Tom Thumb was really desperate to exist.













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