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GINGER-Grontmij won the competition again!

Publié par Twostein sur 25 Octobre 2011, 09:26am

Catégories : #CULTUREL

After the Eiffel Tower 


also wins


for modernising world famous

Paris Longchamp race course


Ginger (part of Grontmij) has been assigned by France GALOP a prestigious € 1.8 million contract for the modernisation and restructuring of its race course at Longchamp.

France Galop is the governing body of horse racing in France. Longchamp (Hippodrome de Longchamp) is the most famous race course in France and one of the world's most famous race courses.


‘Nouveau Longchamp’ is a race course modernisation project that will embrace the principal units on the site: demolition and reconstruction of the Jockey Club stands and Presidential Grandstand, demolition and reconstruction of the weighing-in area, extensions to the stables, renovation of the Pavilion stand, renovation of the administrative building and renovation of the bet registration office.


The assignment for Grontmij will be to manage the design and implementation of the project, including the technical project management, technical planning of engineering works (from diagnostics to tendering documents) for the fluid and thermal packages, electricity, preliminary coordination during the study phase and progress tracking.

The work will have to be completed within a very short time frame as not to disrupt the racing programme. Delivery of the new race course is scheduled for 2013. The total project value is € 75 million, of which € 1.8 million is Grontmij’s fee.


Jean-Luc Schnoebelen, member of the Executive Board and Vice-Chairman of the Group Executive Committee of Grontmij N.V.: ‘I am proud to be part of an assignment related to one of the most prestigious race courses in France. This assignment once again demonstrates recognition for the experience we have at Grontmij in managing highly prestigious and visible projects.’

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