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Grontmij wins a contract in Poland

Publié par Twostein sur 22 Juin 2011, 14:43pm

Catégories : #CULTUREL

Grontmij assigned by city of Szczecin (Poland)

for large waste management project

(21/06/11 11:08 CET)


Grontmij in Poland will on request of the City of Szczecin deliver Technical Assistance and Contract Engineer services for a new waste-to-energy plant for the Szczecin Metropolitan Area. Within the frames of two contracts Grontmij will deliver a wide range of services. The project sum is approximately € 144 million. The fee for Grontmij is around € 1.8 million in total. The project is going to be the first modern waste-to-energy plant in Poland.


The plant construction will take two years, and the whole project will last until 2015. The team of experts responsible for the assignment in Szczecin consists of Polish, German and Dutch Grontmij specialists of its business line Water & Energy.


Grontmij signed two separate contracts: one for Technical Assistance and another for Contract Engineer’s service. The agreements include services such as: checking design documentation, assisting the client in tendering procedure, contract engineering, assistance in creating the Financial Plan, representing the client in relations with public administration in all matters concerning the project implementation and final financial settlements.


Grontmij Poland’s experience in waste management is rapidly growing in the scope of designing. The assignment supports the further strengthening and extension of Grontmij’s business line Water & Energy in Poland. The waste-to-energy plant in Szczecin will be capable to neutralize 150,000 tonnes of waste per year. It will also produce electric and heating energy which will power up to 20,000 households. For this reason, besides minimalizing the amount of waste in the area, the plant will be selling energy to the municipal heating system and power systems.

The construction of the waste-to-energy plant forms part of a large project called Waste Management and the Protection of the Earth, co-financed by the EU Cohesion Fund. Grontmij is the first consulting-engineering company in Poland to support such an investment.

Maciej Chrzanowski, CEO Grontmij Poland: 'It is great to know that our expertise in waste management is appreciated. We are delighted to participate in such an interesting project which will certainly, in the long-term perspective, raise the level of life in Szczecin area.


Besides, with our experience both from Poland, Germany and the Netherlands Grontmij proves that we are a key player on the Polish market in waste field.'


GINGER group, led by Jean-Luc Schnoebelen is part of the Grontmij Group. Grontmij is a consulting and engineering leading, active in the fields of urban development, transport and mobility, water and energy, strong commitment to sustainable development. This commitment is at the heart of our business and our business. Have 11,000 employees working in 300 branches in Europe and 50 in the world, we are one of the main European players in the field of planning.


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