Founded in 2000, the Wildlife Trust Sanwild located in
South Africa, aims to acquire land for animals, so they can live safely, the
rest of their life. About 5000 wild animals have found refuge Sanwild has a
reserve of nearly 5000 hectares, saved, cared for and rehabilitated by Louise
Joubert (the founder) and her team.

The animals all have their own
history; lions rescued from an auction, to be driven by "trophy hunters" in
"canned hunts" that is to say in a confined space with no possibility of escape
; elephants were being hunted in another reserve because it had neither enough
room for them and that they bothered; hippos from a circus in France, who were
reunited with their homeland, and thousands others, large and small, all safe
and sound forever.

Louise Joubert and her team for these animals live,
fight against poaching and trading of wild animals in South Africa, raise their
voices against the government which does not always have enough concern for the
welfare and conservation of wildlife and biodiversity.

This wonderful place, unique in the world, might have to close those doors in two months.
Partly through lack of donations this time of global economic crisis, and partly
by another foundation, which bought the land for Sanwild by a loan and then
failed to pay her, leaving Sanwild with the land but also with debt.

If Sanwild Wildlife Sanctuary closes, all the hard work and sacrifices made by
Louise Joubert and her team since last 11 years, to give the animals their
freedom safely, would have been vain. The animals will most likely fall into the
hands Farmers of game, to be haggled, captured, moved, hunted .. This will be a
sad end for one of the few places in the world where the land was given to
animals or humans are the only Guardians to ensure that they can live forever.