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Social networks are going to kill the e-mail business

Publié par Twostein sur 8 Février 2011, 11:41am

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Atos Origin advocated abandoning the e-mail the
the benefit of instant sociaux.Messagerie networks, social networks and collaborative tools will be used to replace email. Demonstrate by example. Atos Origin, the French computer services company, announced Monday an ambitious project. "To renounce the use of e-mails in the company within three years. I think we're the only group
of our size to have taken such a decision, "said Thierry Breton, CEO of
Atos Origin. Elbow to elbow with Capgemini for first place in the European
sector, the computer company will continue to allow its approximately 80,000
employees to correspond via email (or email) with their clients and contacts
outside the group.

But the finding is final, according to an internal study carried out by
thirty employees aged under 30, to define the well-being in the company.
"On average, a collaborator from 5 to 20 hours per week reading his
e-mails, respond to and archive them. Of 200 e-mails per day, on average, only
10 to 20% are actually useful. In addition, 20% of working time is used to
search the Internet, "said Thierry Breton.


The company hopes to change the behavior of its employees to make them
more efficient and more responsive. Instead of email, the company intends to
develop the use of social networks (like Facebook), instant messaging (like
MSN), microblogging sites (Twitter), video conferencing over the Internet and
new tools sharing information across the enterprise. For example, instead of
making a comment on a contract or technology by means of a long document
addressed to a colleague via email, the comment would be "posted",
that is to say written on the page devoted to this contract or that technology,
like a comment is written on the page of a friend on Facebook. The information
would be shared.

Partnership with Oracle :

The idea of developing these new tools in the enterprise has been
strengthened by the fact that during job interviews, young people under 30
years "said the mail drop for the benefit of social networks. Atos Origin,
the average age is 35 years, "said Thierry Breton.

With this approach, the efficiency would be improved in the enterprise
while reducing the amount of information traveling through the company's
servers. But the amount of data produced by a company doubles every eighteen
months. What makes this management complex, cumbersome and costly.

By advocating the abandonment of the e-mail, Atos Origin set an example
for market solutions. To enable its customers to use collaborative tools, the
computer services company announced a partnership with U.S. software company
Oracle. The two allies will offer their clients to create knowledge bases,
where all corporate information will be digitized, archived and will be
combined with user fees. A user will access information online, without
downloading them. In this spirit, Atos Origin has helped the Library of France
to digitize all the books. "We have requests from other libraries and
media groups," said Thierry Breton

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