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Social Networks: SG Bank Launches Certificate to bet on it

Publié par Twostein sur 12 Mai 2011, 16:58pm

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Social Networks:

SG Bank Launches Certificate to bet on it


Social networks are popular,

evidenced by the recovery of stratospheric numbers circulating on the folder Facebook ... In a study published in early 2011, some experts expect JP Morgan and the use of social networks in the future would be at the center of the worldwide web.

"Social networks are among the websites that enjoy the greatest popularity. A growing number of Internet users, distributed to the 4 corners of the world uses these pages to share their personal experiences, play online, make professional contacts or find soul mate "for his part said the WMO.


"Facebook has now overtaken Google as the most visited website in the United States. The principle of these online portals is simple: the networks offer their users the ability to backup their photos, videos and share their experiences personal. Customers can then interact with other members of the network. Many companies that use social networks for internal communications, with their own staff and externally with the public "continues the bank.

"The potential of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Xing, resides in the users' personal information. Data, such as the interests of users or their tastes in music or fashion, can establish profiles of individual consumers. This information stoke the greed of corporate market research and advertising industry, "added the bank of Defense.


Pending IPO of Facebook, Societe Generale issued a Product Exchange Investment Certificate to type in a single operation to focus on several social networks at once. This certificate replica effect, without leverage, the performance index Sonix (Solactive Social Networks Index. This index includes international companies whose core business is the segment of social networks.


Here are all the values ​​that make up this index:


- Tencent Holdings Ltd: The Chinese business online has now clearly climbed to first place in the rapidly growing online gaming. This information comes from the Reuters news agency that relies on data from research firm iResearch Chinese market. In the last quarter of 2010, the market share of Tencent and amounted to 31%.


- Group Mail.ru GD-R Regs: The company ranks first among Russian Internet groups. Mail.ru is an email service provider, offers online games and also owns stakes in the largest social network of Russian vkontakte.ru with over 100 million users. Mail.ru holds a majority interest among others in the chat program ICQ. Mail.ru is now known internationally for his stake in Facebook, a candidate for an IPO. The Russian group has invested 400 million U.S. dollars to acquire 5% stake of the first social networking world. This lucrative participation in Facebook could explain the success of Mail.ru IPO in November 2010. The shares were oversubscribed 20 times and closed their first session on a rise of almost 30%.


- Dena Co Ltd and Gree Inc 5 Mixi Inc.: These companies are among the three largest social networks in Japan. According to a report published on the platform www.emf. com, the site Gree collects all the votes with more than 22.46 million adherents (statement of 12.30.2010). In second place Dena figure which has 21.67 million users. Mixi the oldest operators of online networks in the Japanese market, recorded 21.61 million registrants. According to press releases, these three companies have reached - between January and September 2010 - to increase the number of registered users by 40% in total compared to the same period last year. Many experts also expect in 2011 to increase the popularity of social networks in Japan. This popularity is also due to Facebook, which is celebrating its first in Japan.


- United Online: Established in the United States, the Internet company, listed on the U.S. exchange Nasdaq since September 2001, became known through its subsidiary Classmates Online, which keeps in touch with school friends. This site is known to users in Germany and other countries under the name StayFriends. In total there are over 50 million registered users worldwide.

- Meetic: The French company operates the first Internet site to meet and chat for singles in Europe. In Germany, owns the website Meetic neu.de counts in this country among the awards the most popular singles. Meetic Group is now present in over 20 countries and employs more than 42 million registered users in Europe alone.


- Xing AG: The German company operates one of the largest social networks linking the professional world. Over 10 million members around the world use its platform business, Jobs & Careers.


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