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Surf all social networks in flight

Publié par Twostein sur 19 Septembre 2011, 13:30pm

Catégories : #NETWORK


Japan Airlines passengers

can once again surf board in 2012


The airline Japan Airlines will offer a new service of high-speed Internet connection from the summer of 2012. Ex Connect the device developed by Panasonic will be available on the Boeing 777 JA linking Japan to the major European and American destinations. Guests can use it from their laptops, their phone or game console Japan Airlines had already attempted in 2004 via the Connexion by Boeing, but Boeing, which was responsible for this service , had stopped two years later. Traveling by plane it can be long or very long especially for long-haul flights. To pass the time, we have the opportunity to watch a movie, listen to music or even surf the Internet. More and more airlines across the Atlantic just to offer their customers surf in flight. This service has a cost, however. Indeed, it is necessary to count between 3 and 12 euros an hour, which is relatively high compared to the price of a monthly subscription.

While the price remains relatively high, it may be of particular interest to people working aboard the plane and who want to stay no contact with their colleagues. In all other cases, let's face it, we can do without it at this price.

Currently, Air France has conducted tests but has not yet communicated about a possible installation of WiFi on board its aircraft. For its part, Lufthansa bill 11 euros an hour on board its aircraft that should be fully equipped by the end of 2011. The majority of companies in the United States offers wifi and the ability to call landlines and mobile to $ 5 USD for about an hour.















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