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Ambassador to FRANCE


“Louis-Serge is an excellent person to have on board as an ambassador to Spock.com in France. He is dedicated, motivated, hard working, and really passionate about the things he gets involved with. He would be an asset for any company. I recommend him highly for any endeavor” October 3, 2007

Jay Bhatti, VP of Marketing and Business Development, SPOCK Networks
worked directly with Louis-Serge at SPOCK.com

“Louis-Serge is THE specialist of technical analysis and chartism in Paris. I'm very proud he's in my team at ACDEFI as Vice-Chairman. His work is very appreciated and I'm sure we'll continue to make a very good job together. Marc Touati ACDEFI Chairman” September 17, 2007

Marc Touati, Owner, ACDE
worked directly with Louis-Serge at ACDEFI Aux Commandes de l'Economie et de la Finance

“this is a good contact” October 28, 2007

Sabine Daude, Owner, La Rose du Prince
was with another company when working with Louis-Serge at EASYBOURSE.com

“Louis-Serge is a very creative person and always has a good approach to new challenges. Professional and organized, his goal is to provide the best solution to his team. He is involved in customer's expectations and shows an outstanding financial expertise, contributing actively to the success of the sales negociations. He has an excellent technical and commercial profile and an amazing network.” February 17, 2006

Rachid Bakhtaoui, CEO, easybourse
managed Louis-Serge at EASYBOURSE

“Louis-Serge is totally business oriented, know exactly what to do to make value, and the most important, do it immediatly. In fact, Louis-Serge never send what he have to do to tomorrow. And, last but not least, Louis-Serge has strong human value, at first, fidelity. I highly recommend Louis-Serge to make business with.” February 24, 2007

Jean-Baptiste Giraud, Owner, LE POOL PRESSE / ECONOMIE MATIN
was with another company when working with Louis-Serge at GLOBAL EQUITIES

“Louis Serge is an extremely focused head of sales. One of the very best I have met while I managed 3 investment banks and 2 brokerage companies I have headed. He requires time and attention, but he delivers what he promises.” February 24, 2006

Philippe Favre, Owner, S.A. MANCELINVEST-CONSEIL
managed Louis-Serge at GLOBAL EQUITIES

“Louis-Serge is very driven, successful and always conducts his business in a very professional and proficient way.” February 16, 2006

Louis-Armand de Rougé
was with another company when working with Louis-Serge at GLOBAL EQUITIES

“Louis-Serge is an EXCELLENT professional, I've always enjoyed the quality of his work. Highly recommended!” February 16, 2006

Arnaud Chretien
was Louis-Serge's client

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  • 07/05/1962
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  • CV Digital: http://www.louis-serge-real-del-sarte.com/ Consultant en Réseaux Sociaux d'Entreprise Octobre 2009 à Janvier 2010: rédaction d'un ouvrage sur 'Les Réseaux Sociaux en ligne sur Internet' aux éditions Alphée distribué au premier


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