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My prognosis for the new replacement for GDF

Publié le 22 Juillet 2008, 14:50pm


My prognosis for the new replacement for GDF
soon chosen by the Scientific Council:

1 /  
THALES / capitalise 4.05 billion
2 /
SODEXHO / capitalise 4.15 billion
3 /
TECHNIP / capitalise 5.5 billion
4 / CASINO / capitalise 4 billion

The two main criteria are market capitalization weighted by its float, liquidity of title in terms of trade, its sectoral representation in the index, Suez Environment would be returned too late to be nominated. Technip suffer from surpondondération of oil.
Casino would redundancy with all players in the distribution already present in the ACC. Hermes said not to be interested and its float is too small with 70% shareholding family. Eramet to 35% is not meux off with a weighting Next 20 to 6.86%
La Cie Generale de Geophysique-Veritas with 5% increase after taking into account its oil and off-shore marine, a small schlumberger. The overweight linked with the bank BNP Paribas, DEXIA, SG, Credit Agricole and to a lesser extent AXA, would prohibit any prognosis on the entry of a new bank Natixis. Sodexho could lose its chance because of its exit from the index memory in 2006, as Publicis. The Scientific Advisory Committee on the new composition of the index at the beginning promote the concept of reward and challenge.

In the CAC Next 20: here the first seven places in terms of weighting:
1 / HERMES, 2 / NYSE Euronext, 3 / TECHNIP, 4 / SES9SA, 5 / ERAMET, 6 / THALES, 7 / SODEXHO

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