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Facebook prepare the new smartphone to stay connected all the time

Publié par Twostein sur 23 Novembre 2011, 14:31pm

Catégories : #Article économique


Facebook and HTC

prepare a new smartphone

to follow you and stay connected all the time


Facebook and the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC are working on a mobile phone suited to the social web, according to the information site specializing The Wall Street Journal blog, AllThingsDigital, understands that HTC has been appointed to develop the craft, which should run on a modified version of Android for better integration of social networks and HTML5, chosen for applications. Facebook has not confirmed the information. Not really deny it either.
"Our mobile strategy is simple: we believe that any phone is better when it is deeply social. We work with the entire industry, operators, manufacturers, developers of operating systems and applications to bring powerful social experiences to more and more users, "said a spokesman for the American society in the blog.

The Code Name chosen: Buffy, like the famous Vampire Slayer TV series. Buffy would work with an operating system Android (Google) HTML5 designed specifically for the California company and would not see the day before twelve to eighteen months. Facebook, whose 375 million users (over 800) are mobile users, says just work "with all the area of ​​mobile to make deep social experiences to more people in the world." For its part, HTC has already submitted in February two mobile phones equipped with a touch Facebook.The issue is critical to mobile Facebook, which is for the time relayed to a simple application smartphone, while Apple and Google's carve the lion's share, with their respective embedded operating system.

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